Making A Difference In Young Lives

Each Summer for more than 50 years an educational summer camp has been making a real difference in young lives. This camp in Lake Placid, New York, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, has been enhancing the academic skills, raising the aspirations, and developing the character of underprivileged inner-city youth since 1955.

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About The Julian Reiss Foundation

Begun initially by Julian Reiss, the Julian Reiss Foundation’s sponsorship of its summer camp programs has been greatly enhanced and expanded through the years under the direction of Julian’s son, Dr. Paul J. Reiss, Ph.D., and now is run by a Board of Directors consisting of other Reiss family members. Currently, separate camp programs are conducted in collaboration with two “Nativity-model” middle schools in New York City (Cornelia Connelly Center and St. Ignatius School). From both the lower east side of Manhattan and The Bronx, these schools contribute about 150 campers each year to the summer programs.

The Julian Reiss Foundation’s first camp program with Nativity Mission Center began in 1962 (when Nativity Mission Center was just an after-school program), and the full year-round, camp-school Nativity model was born in 1971 with the founding of Nativity Mission School. In the years since, that Nativity model has been replicated in numerous other communities, leading to the formation in 2006 of the NativityMiguel Network of Schools.

The campers served by the Julian Reiss Foundation are young people who demonstrate considerable potential. By reason of their families’ financial circumstances, their neighborhood environment and their limited educational opportunities, however, reaching their full potential is a constant challenge. The combined camp-school concept of the Nativity-model constitutes an effective intervention into the lives of these children as they enter middle-school age. The impressive results are not only apparent at camp right before your eyes, but also in the longer term achievements and personal development of the graduates.

The Foundation also partners with the City Squash program out of New York City to provide the opportunity for an intensive multi-day camping experience in the Adirondacks. The service to these disadvantaged inner-city children is focused on developing academic and athletic excellence and leadership.

Board of Directors

Paul Jacob Reiss, Chairman Emeritus

Paul Julian Reiss, MD, Chairman, Executive Committee

John D. Reiss, Vice Chair, Executive Committee

Martha Reiss Acworth, Vice Chair, Executive Committee

Mary M. Watson

Catherine Reiss Sloan

Elizabeth G. Reiss

David P. Reiss

Steven J. Reiss

Sara Reiss DeSantis